New Prices for 2020

How To Buy The DVDs

British Damselfies DVD

£12.50 postage free

British Dragonflies DVD

£12.50 postage free

Both DVDs

£23.00 postage free

British Butterflies ID DVD

Price to be announced

To order the DVDs

Please send a cheque to GrahamSherwinWildlife at the address below

Address: The Beeches, Sporle Road,           Little  Dunham, King’s Lynn,                     Norfolk PE32 2DG

Alternatively: Go to the shop at the British Dragonfly Society website at                  (click on the link).      

Cheques should be made payable to:     Graham Sherwin                 

First Class Postage and Packing FREE to mainland Britain 

For EU countries Postage and Packing £4.00. For extra DVDs add £1.00 per copy

For overseas sales please contact by email for bank transfer details (IBAN and BIC numbers)